The Rotary Club of Braintree and Bocking was founded on 3 December 1926. We hope this web-site will give you a feel for our amazing 91 year history. Rotary is as relevant today as when it was founded - you will see how active we are from the Diary. There are pages about the global Rotary International and Rotary in Britain and Ireland. If you are interested in joining us, we provide contact details and a welcome to join us for an evening.


                                            Jean Grice - President

We meet at 1800 for 1830

most Mondays at

The Green Dragon

Old London Road

Youngs End


See Diary for details

Tel: 01245 361030


Welcome to our  Rotary Club

So what do Rotarians do?

Two billion children are healthy today, in lands both near and far away

Who otherwise might be lame...or dead, from polio...that childhood dread!

And hungry children are being fed, through better ways to grow their bread Rotarians in many lands are teaching, and doctors of all kinds are reaching

Out to heal the sick and lame, with little thought for wealth or fame

And men and women are meeting the need, to teach little children how to read Youth come here from every land, in answer to our outstretched hand

To learn to know us and know our ways, bringing peace and friendship to all our days

And clubs are formed in every nation, for fellowship and conversation

For education and information, and practicing the cultivation

Of peace on earth, and goodwill to all, and a speedy end to every wall

Which separates the folk of earth and keeps us from seeing each other's worth

A hundred things there are to say about what Rotarians do each day

In every land and every town, to lift someone when they are down

And help each other along the way - Service Above Self - what more can I say?